Light Bulbs:
We can find any light bulb you need. If you don't know what kind of light bulb you need we can quiz you over the phone about certain characteristics of the light bulb and send you one..
Light Bulb Use:
MMI can get about 200 different kinds of reticles.
Glass standards (stage micrometers):
Stage micrometers can be ordered by MMI. These glass scales can be sold with or without certificates. These micrometers can be Metric, English or both. They are commonly used for checking linear encoded stages and magnification at an eyepiece reticle.
Microscope Parts:
We are a Nikon Warranty Repair Station: Nikon Instruments are very good at providing parts in a timely manner. We will sell parts for Nikon Instruments for list price plus shipping. We can get parts for Olympus, Leica, AO, Reichert Jung, B&L, LW Scientific, Accuscope Cynmar and any other instrument...
Power Supplies:
We will  sell power supplies...
Lamp sockets: Call 770 449-6896
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AO 10 Microscope use a 1460 or a 6V20WG4SPHCL
Nikon Labophot 1 use a 6V20WG4SPHCL
Nikon Labophot 2 use a 6V20WG4SPHCL or a 6V30WG4SPHCL
AO 110 Microscope use a 6V20WG4SPHCL
Reichert Microstar 4 use a 6V20WG4SPHCL
Reichert Microstar 4 with an old style round socket use 6V20WG4TPHCL778
A microscope with an MMI Highfreq Supply conversion use a 12V20WG4SPHCL
Olympus KHC use a 110V30WDCBAYS11
Nikon V-12 Comparator use a 24V150WSPHCL
Nikon V-10 Comparator use a 12V50WSPHCL
MMI will help ID and fill any light bulb order you might have.
Nikon S or SKE and biophot spur gears. $85 each for you to install or send the scope and MMI will install the spur gear for an additional $45. When you buy the spur gear you will get the spur gear (image left) - you will press out the bearing and eccentric hub. Don't forget to keep the set screws.
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