CalSpec ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Linear and Reticle Calibration
Micro-Maintenaance uses its's own company CalSpec to handle the requests for ISO/IEC 17025 magnification and linear calibrations. CalSpec meets the requirements for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 calibrations
Requirement: Is to have an outside organization complete your calibrations. CalSpec is a ISO/IEC 17025:2005 compliant service company for linear and magnification calibrations. Scope of our work is linear stage calibrations, measurescopes, comparators, and calibrations of reticles per magnification in place. 
CalSpec does not subcontract your work out to other vendors, degrees of freedom for error are increased with outsourcing. Calibration work is always completed at your facility. We don't accept comparators, measurescopes, stereo microscopes, metalligraphs (inverted or upright) being shipped to CalSpec for calibration. Shipments of such instruments increase the degrees of freedom for error in calibration during a return shipment.
CalSpec makes no judgments about the environment in which the calibrations are completed. The specific location and conditions  may be critical to the machine's output and time savings.
Tips for customers: Does your linear measurement lose or gain dimension? You may have a part that moves during measurement or dust on the linear scale of the encoder. Both of these things may cause an error in measurement. Eliminate the dimensional loss or gain before it goes back into service. Remember to keep the reticle eyepiece in the fixed eyetube of the binocular head when it is calibrated; the diopter side of the binocular head might change the magnification of the microscope. Has your stereo microscope retained it's magnification detents for the purpose of calibration. A good stereo microscope will have a detent on/off port. Pay attention to par focal protocol when measuring with a stereo microscope. Just a few things to look for when measureing parts.
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