Colposcope, Cleaning, Service and Repair
Gynecologists have had problems with their colposcopes; it would frustrate anyone to have an articulating arm colposcope fall suddenly or drift, so the target of the procedure disappears out of the top of the field of view.
Any of the joints of a colposcopy microscope can be maintained to minimize lateral or vertical movement no matter how old the colposcope may be.

Does your colposcope have double image because one of the prism boxes got a thump going through the procedure room door- or worse- having it fall over .because the power cord got caught under the door during a rush to the next procedure.

Why might the light on a colposcope be so dim? There are several things you can do to make the scope perform better and brighter.

Is the colposcope clean and presentable to the patient at the biopsy? MMI cleans the scope from top to bottom.

Do the diopters work on each eyetube; are the diopters frozen? When viewing the biopsy target through both eyetubes, is one out of focus while the other is working just right?

When you use the magnification changer, does the colposcope stay in focus from one manification to another?

When the green filter is not needed, does it make a sudden appearance?

Micro-Maintenance Inc. has been cleaning, servicing and repairing colpscopes for approximately thirty years.

We want to make you very happy with your colposcope- if it looks good and functions well- then we have completed  our work in a professional manner.
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