Micro-Maintenance has serviced all types of microscopes:
Physicians grade microscope service. 
Clinical grade biomedical including phase, pol, teaching, fluorescent, pathology and dissecting microscope service.
E.N.T. microscope service
Inverted  microscopes such as the Nikon Biophot.
Roll or engraving microscopes.
Measuring microscopes or toolmakers microscope service.
Centering microscopes service.
Stereo microscopes.
Comparators or shadowgraph service. .
Colposcopes .
Part of microscope service is cleaning or rebuilding objectives!
Veterinary microscopes.
Microscope service- cleaning, preventive maintenance of biomedical and industrial microscopes.
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Compound, stereo, inverted, are all examples of microscopes. Metalligraphs, stereos, comparators, measurescopes are industrial microscopes. Micro-Maintenance Inc. 2648 Simpson Cir Duluth Ga. 30096 has serviced, cleaned and repaired each kind of these microscopes. Ph 770 449-6896 Fax 770 446-5761 email microscope@mindspring.com
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