Pricing for microscope repairs:
Objective rebuilding:MMI will rebuild objectives at our shop. Biomedical objectives are rebuilt the most 10x thru 100x achromats are $45 ea. plus $20 for each element/case repair. Plan 10x thru 100x are $70 to $150 ea. plus $20 for each element/case repair. Cases are sealed where and when possible. Please call for other types of objectives.
Light source and illuminator repairs:Illuminator repairs are $65 to $500. The first thing a sales person will tell you is: "That illuminator can't be repaired - why don't you buy a new microscope." Micro-Maintenance would like to repair it for you. Don't throw it away!
Monocular, binocular and trinocular head repairs:Double image in binocular/trinocular heads are the most common kind of repair. Repairing double Image is $65 to $300 per head plus $20 for each prisms/mirror moved to make the double image repair. Cleaning the mirrors and prisms in a binocular/trinocular head costs the same as above because the mirrors and prisms must be removed accomplish the service.
Stage repair: Mechanical stages can loose bearings or have problems with rack and pinions or just need to be rebuilt.
Focus repairs both fine and coarse. While focusing withe the fine focus- sometimes the image come into focus and then goes out again. Disassembly and rebuild the fine focus is what we would do to repair that problem. Focusing problems are $65 to $200 plus parts.
Repair of slide holders: Is the spring in the slide holderbroken- we can fix it for you for $35 to $70 plus parts.
Condenser repair: Condensers can sometimes have leaf blooming problems-mainly because the leaves have oil on them- the oil gets nearly dry and "blooms" the condenser. Repairs are $65 to $200 plus parts if the parts are available.
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