Pricing for repairs.

Objective lens rebuilding:

  • MMI will rebuild objectives at our shop.
  • Biomedical objectives are rebuilt the most
  • 40x thru 100x achromats are $45 ea. plus parts if required and available.
  • Plan 10x thru 100x oil or dry are $120 ea. plus parts if required and available.
  • If you are a microscope service company needing objective repair call for the subcontract repair price.
  • Please call for other types of objectives.
  • If MMI cannot rebuild your objective successfully- we will not charge for the rebuild.

    Light source and illuminator repairs:

    Illuminator repairs are $45 per illuninator plus parts. The first thing a sales person will tell you is: "That illuminator can't be repaired - why don't you buy a new microscope." Micro-Maintenance would like to repair it for you. Don't throw it away!

    Monocular, binocular and trinocular head repairs

    Double image in binocular and trinocular heads are the most common kind of repair. Repairing double Image is $45 per head. Taking a prism out to clean and reset in its place is $15 extra. Sometimes we decement prisms and recement them-the sames goes with eyepieces. If that is something you need - we can come up with a suitable price. All repairs are rate plus parts.

    Stage repair

    Mechanical stages can loose bearings or have problems with rack and pinions or just need to be rebuilt. So if the stage requires a pair of pliers to move x or y - it might be time to get it repaired. The same goes with the controls you have moved but a lag in specimen movement. Get it repaired- its $30 plus parts (if available).

    Focus repairs both fine and coarse

    Before you end a microscope base with a drifting coarse focus- check the friction adjustment beside the coarse focus knob (if your scope has one)- that will save you some money. In coaxial focus sytems- fine focus shafts or spur gears need to be replaced- sometimes repaired. While focusing withe the fine focus- sometimes the image come into focus and then goes out again. Disassembly and rebuild the fine focus is what we would do to repair that problem. Focusing problems are $60 plus parts..

    Repair of slide holders.

    Is the spring in the slide holderbroken- we can fix it for you for $30 plus parts.

    Condenser repair

    Condensers can sometimes have leaf blooming problems-mainly because the leaves have oil on them- the oil gets nearly dry and "blooms" the condenser. Repairs are $35.00 plus parts.

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